Navarro (DGT) says that Spain would make the “ridiculous” if Central Madrid is abolished

Posted 06/18/2019 13:55:17 CET

Ensures that the agenda of the DGT is not banning smoking behind the wheel, although it is a “very dangerous” behavior


The general director of Traffic, Pere Navarro, has criticized the possibility of suppressing the restriction measure for Central Madrid traffic for models that do not have the ECO or Zero label of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

“We would make a fool of ourselves, nobody in Europe would understand,” he said Tuesday in statements to the media during the presentation in Madrid of the campaign ‘On the road, beer SIN’, Brewers of Spain.

Navarro regrets the possibility that this initiative, implemented by the former mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, cease to have effect, after a few months in operation. The entrance of the PP in the City Council of the capital has initiated the debate on suppressing or not Central Madrid in these last days.

The director of Traffic has highlighted the “immense work” done to take this measure forward and has been confident that, instead of being eliminated, it will be improved or corrected. “How are we going to throw it on the scree, my god?” He exclaimed.


On the other hand, Navarro has indicated that it is not on the agenda of the DGT to ban smoking at the wheel. As has been clarified, it would be a “public health standard and the DGT does not have a smoking ban on the table”, although it recognizes that this behavior is “very dangerous” and constitutes a distraction.

“It is not on the agenda of the DGT, we have not just seen the Civil Guard chasing smokers,” he insisted, while reminding that currently it is sanctioned with a minimum of 200 euros and the loss of up to 4 points of the card. by throwing cigarette butts through the window of the vehicle.

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