German FAZ: What can Berlin’s small nuclear solution look like?003926

In the Berlin nuclear power debate, there is a calm before the storm, or rather: between the storms. At first things got really busy because, in addition to the opposition Union, the ruling FDP could also imagine continued operation of the last three reactors in the coming year. SPD and Greens were against it, but not wholeheartedly. Finally, it was decided, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), not to comment on the subject again until a new analysis of the stability of the power supply was available, the so-called stress test. Everyone is eagerly awaiting this, as soon as the result is there, the debate is likely to make waves again.

A report by the Wall Street Journal, according to which the government had already decided to leave the reactors connected to the grid, caused unrest in the meantime. However, the Ministry of Economic Affairs immediately rejected this. Now, denials don’t always have to be true. But from circles of the transmission system operators, who calculate the stress test, it can be heard that there are still no recommendations for continued operation. If the traffic light has already made it through to this, it means a decision without taking the recalculation into account. However, such a rush is considered unlikely because the SPD and Greens will only accept the extension of the term if the technical necessity is proven.

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