German FAZ: “Motorsport is a huge test field”003725

The DTM field races across the Norisring.
Image: picture alliance / HIGH TWO

Efficient drives, new electrics program: For Gerhard Berger, the DTM plays a key role in climate protection. A former star no longer pulls like that on the series.

Two years ago, the DTM was on the brink after the BMW and Audi groups left. What has become of it?

Anno Hecker

Responsible editor for sports.


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A close fight on the slopes. We have more brands at the start than ever before: not to forget Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Between 27 and 30 cars (GT3 touring cars with up to around 600 hp, ed.) with drivers from 15 or 16 nations start, the best GT drivers from Europe, the USA, India, Australia and New Zealand. We offer a very good, varied, exciting sport.

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